Víctor Fernández Castro – Postdoc Researcher

LAAS – CNRS, Université de Toulouse & Institut Jean Nicod, ENS (Paris)

I am a Philosopher of Mind with a strong interest in Psychology and Cognitive Sciences. My main areas of research are social cognition, joint action, social robotics and folk psychology. I am also very interested in the dsc8755bn.jpgpolitical significance of philosophical tools and how the philosophy of mind and language can elucidate phenomena such as free speech, injustice or polarization in attitudes.

I am a current Postdoc Researcher at the LAAS-CNRS (Toulouse) and the Institut Jean Nicod (ENS, París) under the supervision of Elisabeth Pacherie and Rachid Alami. My current work is funded by the ANR project “Joint Action for Human-Robot Interaction”  which attempts to identify the elements that allow the establishment and maintenance of mutual understanding between humans and robots in collaborative tasks.

I am also a member of the Filo-Lab Unit at the University of Granada (Spain) where I collaborate in the projects “Inner speech, Metacognition, and the Narrative View of Identity”, “Contemporary Expressivism and the Indispensability of Normative Vocabulary”, “Disagreements and Polarization in Attitudes” and “Public Disagreement, affective Polarization and Immigration in Andalusia”.

I have been a Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of Granada, where I also obtained my Ph.D in Philosophy with the thesis “Talking the Way to Other Minds: Assessment, Conversation and Folk Psychology” under the supervision of Fernando Martínez-Manrique and Agustín Vicente. Before that, I got a MA in Cognitive Science and Language from the University of Barcelona, a MA in Logic and Philosophy of Sciences from the University of Santiago de Compostela and a BA in Philosophy from the University of Granada.

I have spent research periods at the Philosophy department at George Washington University and the School of Philosophy, Psychology & Language Sciences at the University of Edinburgh.

Some cool people I collaborate with: Elisabeth PacherieRachid Alami, Aurelie Clodic, Fernando Martínez-Manrique, Nefatlí Villanueva, Manuel Heras-Escribano, Eduardo Pérez Navarro, Manuel Almagro Holgado.

Follow me:

Orcid, Philpapers or ResearchGate


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